About Us

We offer scheduled LTL and Full Load services between Canada and the USA. We specialize in the shipment of dry goods and refrigerated loads. We deliver the best in the industry transit times to and from the USA. Being one of the leading transportation companies in Canada, we are committed to providing you the reliable trucking delivery, and logistical freight solutions that are available 24/7 to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. With years of combined owner experience in this industry, we provide a wide range of transportation and logistics services in Canada. Delivering high volumes of shipping loads annually, real-time tracking, 24/7 customer support, and tailored freight logistic solutions depending upon the business size.

Ecoswift Logistics Logistics is to deliver innovative logistics and freight management solutions to become the most preferred transportation partner for our valuable customers. Our prime focus is on key services which include LTL and Full load Services, Toronto Area City Cartage. Our goal is to be a top Canadian Transporter, garnering the respect of the logistics industry, business partners, customers, and prospects all while developing successful and satisfied employees.

Less-Than-Truckload or LTL shipping is said to be a kind of transportation for relatively small freights that can only accommodate various single pallet shipments and can extend to an almost full truckload. We also provide FTL or Full-Truck-Load services which can handle all sorts of general freight including temperature-controlled (Reefer & Heated Service), project and event logistics solutions, expedited and shunting services. With many years of collective experience in the LTL freight industry, Ecoswift Logistics Logistics is committed to delivering the highest quality freight shipping services, logistics, and supply chain support. We have evolved to provide the best LTL logistical freight solutions such as LTL freight tracking, 24/7 dispatch services, and daily overnight LTL shipments. Our LTL transportation carriers also offer-

  • Cross border carriers
  • Operating warehousing and distribution needs
  • Full-service trade shows and exhibits
  • Domestic Freights
  • Expedited freight transportation services
  • Reefer Carrier, Temperature controlled service
  • LTL tailored solutions for all event and project logistics
  • Great LTL Prices
  • Pickup and delivery LTL services
  • Detailed, in-transit tracking
  • Expedited services from Ontario to California within 50 to 60 hours.
  • Dedicated 24/7 dispatchers
  • Always have 24 hours backup drivers.
  • Fully certified to transport hazardous materials
  • Yard spotter, shunt services, and dedicated trucks
  • Handle a wide range of commodities

Transportation Solutions

Your transportation challenge is our opportunity to showcase our expertise. Our dedicated staff, and safe, professional drivers provide a wide range of transportation and logistics services throughout North America. Our focus is flexible, reliable, and prompt service to improve your supply chain management. We never say no-you can count on us for your transportation solutions.

Flatbed, Roll Tite and Conestoga Trucking

When it comes to specialized commodities like heavy equipment and construction materials, or simply loads that are larger than a van or require crane-loading we dedicate ourselves to ensure their safe, timely, and secure delivery. Our Flatbed trucking division includes Flatbeds, Stepdecks, Rolltites, and Conestogas. We service Cross border Shipments, and provide Haz-Mat, Oversized as well as LTL Flatbed Service.

What we do for you

Ecoswift Logistics Logistics is a proud provider of cross-border freight shipping and overall freight services in Canada and the U.S. We work with our customers to determine the best transportation solutions whether it’s a simple pick up and delivery from point A to B or more complex with many steps in between.